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Christmas in Newport

Christmas in Newport

It’s no secret that I love Newport, whether it’s February, August, or, in this case, Christmas time. I love Newport for its historical mansions, its dramatic coast, and its quintessential New England charm. When Rolan’s family came to town, we took a day trip here to show them the place we love so much dressed up for the holidays.

A few Newport Mansions are decorated for Christmas every year, and the results are nothing short of lavish. The town follows suit, weaving evergreen and ribbons throughout its charming, nautical streets. Lamp posts, docks, and weathered shops are dressed in garlands. Ships are strewn with christmas lights. Everything is truly as if out of a story book.

We followed our usual route, starting in town for a snack and taking a stroll down Bannister’s Wharf. We continued on to The Breakers, decked to the nines for Christmas. We walked down Forty Steps to see the waves crash along the cliffs. We relaxed around the fireplace at Castle Hill Inn for a bottle of wine, and then we finished off the day at Mamma Luisa for a delicious Italian meal. While that may sound like a jam-packed day, everything is so close together that it’s possible to move at a fairly leisurely pace, making for a uniquely relaxing and rewarding day trip.

Happy Holidays! I hope your coming days are full of happy times with loved ones.











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  1. Benjamin Marlin
    3 years ago

    You are better than any Chamber of Commerce Newport might have. Great pictures, great people.

    • 3 years ago

      Thank you, Ben! What a kind thing to say. I really appreciate it 🙂