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Brooklyn Meet-up & Ride with Citi Bike

Brooklyn Meet-up & Ride with Citi Bike

I have so many fond memories of going on family bike rides when I was younger, but over the last few years I had lost touch with the activity, my cream-colored two-wheeler gathering dust in my parents’ basement. Bringing a bicycle from city to city as I hopped around for work and school just posed too many logistical challenges.

Earlier this summer, however, I became acquainted with Citi Bike, New York City’s bike share program, and now there’s no turning back.

With Citi Bike’s 8,000 bikes across 500 stations, I can pick up a bike, ride a few miles among bridges, rivers, and skyscrapers, and then continue on my merry way. With no obstacles and no excuses, I’ve rediscovered the pure joy in pedaling and reincorporated it into my life.

As you might imagine, I was thrilled when Citi Bike reached out to me to team up for a meet-up and ride. On a beautiful Sunday morning last weekend, sixteen of us gathered in Brooklyn to get to know each other and the city a little better.

New York is home to some truly stunning bike paths that wind among many of the city’s best attractions, making them a perfect activity for locals and visitors alike. For our group ride in Brooklyn, we spent most of our time keeping cool along the water, passing under the Manhattan and Brooklyn Bridges and pausing to enjoy art installations and skyline views from the piers.





Tara, one of the wonderful women who came along for the ride and athlete-nutritionist extraordinaire, makes a habit of accompanying her friends to work on Citi Bike to show them how much they can cut down their commute time by pedaling instead of walking, driving, or taking the subway. How great is that? Now that Citi Bike has given me a membership of my own, biking to replace my other modes of transit is really something I want to work on, for fitness, fun, and reducing my carbon footprint.



At the end of our ride, we all chatted over smoothies and coffee and held a raffle among the riders. Our lucky rider Rose won an annual membership, and her excitement was so wonderfully contagious. If you’re new to Citi Bike and would like a membership of your own, sign up with my affiliate link here to get $10 off!

In addition to the raffle, we also gave 24-hour passes to all of our riders. If you don’t live in New York, 1- and 3-day passes are a great resource for when you come to explore the city. When Rolan’s relatives were in town this past weekend, we took them for a ride along the Hudson River, and they absolutely loved it.

All in all, a splendid afternoon! When exploring new places with new friends and feeling the wind in your hair, who can complain?

Do you have any favorite bicycling memories or tips for cycling in the city? Share your thoughts in the comments!