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Intentions for 2018

Intentions for 2018

I know I’m a little late on resolutions here, but we do still have 49 weeks of 2018 to go.

I love writing lists of goals and to-dos at any time of year, but New Year’s lists are a special treat.  Setting my intentions for this year has been especially satisfying, as I finally enjoy that regular cadence of adult life which enables longer-term planning. Now that I have a college degree, a cross-country move, and the beginning of my first full-time job behind me, I’m looking forward to tackling a variety of projects this year that were de-prioritized in 2017.


  1. Plan farther ahead in all things, including travel, cooking, exercise, blogging, spending, sleeping, working, and keeping in touch with loved ones.
  2. Learn to make more smoothies and veggie bowls. Generally, try every recipe in this cookbook.
  3. Revive my tea habits.
  4. Sleep more. (Read nonfiction before bed.)
  5. Walk to work in the mornings.
  6. Break a sweat more often.
  7. Improve my posture / stop working from my sofa so much.
  8. Keep my phone out of sight and out of mind more often.
  9. Start a book club.
  10. Collect more blue and white porcelain.
  11. Get to know San Francisco exceedingly well.
  12. Listen to others with greater focus and patience.
  13. Travel more slowly.


  1. Write more numerous, shorter blog posts.
  2. Hone my voice and aesthetic as a newly minted graduate and California woman.
  3. Share more lifestyle content.
  4. Add more layers to my photos.
  5. Learn to shoot in backlit conditions.
  6. Become more connected to San Francisco’s creative community.

If you have any tips on achieving the goals I’ve set forward, or if you’re working on similar resolutions, I’d love to hear!