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A Mark of Maturity

A Mark of Maturity

Thank you to JORD Wood Watches for sponsoring this post.

I’m one to keep my jewelry simple — I have one pair of stud earrings, three rings, and one necklace, all in golden tones, that I keep on rotation and that are easy to carry when moving from place to place or heading off on a weekend getaway. I’m excited about a recent addition to my little collection, the first timepiece I’ve owned, a wooden watch courtesy of JORD.

This past summer, when I had back-to-back meetings while working at a marketing agency, I went through some silly contortions trying to figure out the time without whipping out my iPhone. My efforts often failed, making me feel at least as young as I looked.

I’ve since been pleasantly surprised to find that wearing a watch makes me feel more grown-up, more confident, and more ready to take on the day and the next chapter of my life. (Combine that with sipping cappuccinos at newly opened Tatte bakery, and I feel très sophisticated.)

Of the many watches JORD offers, I chose a dark sandalwood and emerald piece from the Frankie collection for myself. The rich, earthy colors make it an effortless addition to my fall wardrobe, and the golden accents tie in beautifully with my existing jewelry.

Pastries at Tatte bakeryCappuccino and JORD wood watch

I was impressed with the wide variety of watches JORD offers for people of all genders. I think their watches would make a wonderful gift, especially for someone like me who who will soon be graduating.

JORD has created a contest for my readers, which you can enter now, for a $75 credit towards purchasing one of their pieces, which range in price from about $100 to $400. Even if you don’t win, you receive a $20 credit just for entering. The contest ends October 30. Good luck!