Montage Palmetto Bluff

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        Palmetto Bluff is a very special place. Time is suspended there. Each day feels like an endless summer.

        My mother and I had our hearts set on relaxing in low country nature during our road trip, so we made a reservation at Montage Palmetto Bluff. This award-winning resort only 30 minutes from Savannah is located on 20,000 acres of land (bigger than Manhattan!), much of which is nature preserve. Bird sanctuaries, tidal marshes, forested bike paths, and the beautiful May River stretch across the landscape. A true oasis, it is the largest contiguous area in the U.S. that does not have a highway running through it. Its beauty rivals that of some national parks.

        As we entered the property, driving along more than three miles of forest-lined road, we became increasingly aware that we were in for a treat.

        When we entered our room, we were greeted by salted shortbread and Bourbon cream spread, which we enjoyed on our balcony overlooking the May River. We sipped wine and nibbled on cookies as we watched hundreds of ibises, herons, and egrets flying about the aptly named Bird Island. Sighting even one of these birds would be notable elsewhere, so their abundance here was nothing short of extraordinary.

        We continued our evening with a dip in the pool, which we had all to ourselves. We then enjoyed a late dinner in The Octagon Room, a resort restaurant and bar with excellent live music.

        On our first morning at Palmetto Bluff, we woke before dawn so we could experience the property at sunrise. Having such beauty almost completely to ourselves was like being in a dream.

        As the colors of sunrise melted away and the resort started waking up, we walked over to the property’s village square, which houses a chapel, the preserved ruins of a fallen 20th-century mansion, a recreation center, and a casual restaurant where we enjoyed a tasty Southern breakfast. We then picked up a pair of bike rentals, Palmetto Bluff’s go-to method of transportation.

        We pedaled over to the boathouse, where we retrieved kayaks, and we paddled off on the May River. The whole time we were kayaking, we were accompanied by five dolphins! It was a highlight of the summer, to be sure. As if dolphins weren’t enough, over the course of the day, we also spotted a wealth of oyster beds, a wide variety of birds, two armadillos, and one alligator.

        After taking a midday rest, we hopped back on our bicycles to pick up lunch at RT’s Market, a very thoughtfully stocked resort store. We then ventured onto the expansive bike paths, traveling over riverways and through forests. We silly girls didn’t think to put on bug spray, which we regretted when we stopped for photos in the middle of the woods—don’t make our mistake! Bugs and all, however, the trails were magical, and we only scratched the surface (no pun intended).

        When we checked out the next day, the valet brought us our car, and inside we found two cold water bottles for the road and two resort baseball caps. This remarkable attention to detail was present throughout our visit, making us feel very pampered.

        While my mother and I were primarily drawn to Montage Palmetto Bluff for its spectacular nature, the property has something for everyone. There were a variety of activities children would enjoy, plus family-friendly and adults-only pools. There were also a variety of spa experiences, some included for guests, as well as a Jack Nicklaus golf course, equestrian facilities, and a small historical museum.

        Even though we only stayed for two nights, we had so many amazing experiences of low country nature that we left feeling completely refreshed. If you are planning on going to Savannah or Charleston anytime soon, I highly recommend you find a way to incorporate Montage Palmetto Bluff into your trip.

        Aurelia Paquette
        August 18, 2017



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