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Recipe for a Perfect Picnic

Recipe for a Perfect Picnic

One of my favorite ways to enjoy summer’s gorgeous weather is to relax in some soft grass while nibbling on assorted snacks. As part of Rolan and my anniversary celebration, instead of heading out to a restaurant, I treated us to an evening in Central Park with a delicious collection of foods from the market.

When shopping for a picnic, I love to buy flavors that can be combined in a variety of ways. My go-to items include flavorful crackers, Gruyère cheese, grape tomatoes, seasonal fruit, mixed olives, fig jam, crusty bread, and charcuterie. Add to that some kind of bubbly drink, and I’m a happy girl!

For Rolan and my picnic, I prepared a fresh Caprese salad in mason jars and arrayed our cheeses on my beloved cheese board set, a no-occasion gift from Rolan when I had a case of the February blues last year.

pack-perfect-picnic-6In addition to amazing company, good eats, and lovely weather, there are a few pieces of picnic gear I always turn to to ensure a great time. For starters, this striped waterproof blanket has been a wonderful companion whether at the beach or at the park.

Our adorable picnic backpack makes us smile every time we use it, complete with flatware, tiny wine glasses, and gingham plates and napkins. (Gingham gets me every time!) Its spacious insulated compartment is really handy for when we have a lengthy journey to our picnic perch.

Whenever we want some background music, we break out our Mini Jambox wireless Bluetooth speaker, which is compact and lightweight enough to bring anywhere and really packs a punch in terms of sound quality. (And it’s on Amazon Prime for under $60!) You can see our teal one below next to my purse.


After our picnic, Rolan and I took a Venetian gondola ride in the Central Park lake, and Andrés the gondolier even improvised a serenade about how Rolan and I met at a tech startup. You can read more about him in this piece from The New York Times.


With a few months left to soak up the sun and enjoy the fresh air, do you have any favorite tricks for a fantastic picnic?


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      Muchísimas gracias, Mónica!