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Spring in My Step

Spring in My Step

Thank you to Rockport for sponsoring this post.

I’m convinced that loafers are one of the best kinds of women’s shoes there are. Unlike ballet flats, they can hold their own for hours of walking. Unlike sneakers, they can easily transition from casual errands to days at the office to spring soirées. Unlike so many other types of shoes, they don’t make me feel like there’s some conspiracy at play to make men’s shoes more conducive to an active life than women’s. (Not that I don’t love a well-timed stiletto, but still.) Loafers, in short, have it all.

To put the icing on the cake, loafers were embraced by none less than my personal style icon, Grace Kelly. She demonstrated beautifully that this classic shoe is an easy way to add timeless polish to almost any look.


Cobb Hill by Rockport, a shoe collection I’ve waxed poetic about before, came out with a pair of woven loafers this season, and they’re perfect. The Galway Woven Loafer, especially in the rich tan color pictured here, makes me think of wicker baskets, picnics, bicycles, and boating. Combine these evocative shoes with the blooming forsythias of Boston’s Arnold Arboretum, and you could say I have Spring in my step!

As with all Cobb Hill shoes I’ve tried, the craftsmanship is excellent, and a lot of thought was clearly devoted to making these shoes not only beautiful but also built for comfort. Constructed with many slits, the Galway Woven loafer combines breathability with the sturdiness of leather, making it the perfect shoe to carry you from early spring to the dog days of summer and beyond.



If you’re like me and find that wearing shoes without socks chafes your heels, I highly recommend picking up a pair of heel inserts at your local drugstore—works like a charm!


Here I’ve paired my loafers with cropped pants, as I think loafers work best when you’re flaunting at least a little ankle. In the months to come, I’m excited to mix this new wardrobe staple with flared skirts, sundresses, shorts, and denim. Do you have a favorite way to style loafers?


  1. Christine Schell
    3 years ago

    Nice post Aurelia! You actually have me looking at a pair.

    • 3 years ago

      Thank you! I would love to know how they work out if you choose to get some. I’ve been wearing mine all the time for weeks now, and they continue to serve me very well 🙂

  2. Denise WM
    3 years ago

    Glad they make wide widths! It is so hard to find stylish shoes in a wide size, but what they don’t tell you about having a baby is that your feet stretch out! Moms deserve nice shoes too!

    • 3 years ago

      It seriously is so hard! I also have the wide foot problem, and these shoes have been such a godsend. Especially being leather they stretch out nicely to accommodate your feet! And you certainly deserve nice shoes ❤️

  3. Barbara Hulme
    3 years ago

    Another beautiful post Aurelia. I just bought a pair of Galway sandals with a t-strap to help keep my narrow foot in place. I love them. Thank you for introducing me to Cobb Hill shoes. They are perfect for my feet! ?❤️

    • 3 years ago

      Thank you so much, Barbara! I’m so glad that I was able to introduce you to Cobb Hill and that it’s been working out for you so well ❤️