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I believe that travel is transformative and weekend trips essential; that impromptu cheese boards are the best form of entertaining; that luxury doesn’t have to be expensive; that you can never have too many flowers or too much tea; and that, though the world is full of dazzling places, with love and good design, home can and should be your favorite destination.

On these pages, I invite you to join me in traveling locally and globally, living thoughtfully, and decorating gracefully.

My Story

I was born, bred, and educated in Boston. I spent my youth wandering through cobblestone streets, eating my way through neighborhoods, and soaking up the splendor of my favorite museums. For college, I crossed the Charles River to make my home at Harvard, where I studied sociology, launched this blog, and met my fiancé, Rolan.

A little over a year ago, we embarked on the adventure of a lifetime, checking all our belongings on a cross-country flight to build a life together in San Francisco, California. I now spend my days working in digital marketing by the sea, searching for finishing touches for our apartment, visiting parks and vineyards, and getting to know this city one hill at a time.

Thank you for coming by! I’m so happy to be sharing my journey with you. If you have any questions, comments, or compliments, or if you are interested in partnering, please email me at [email protected] Media kit available upon request. Thank you!

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