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A Sunday Drive for 25,000 Daffodils

A Sunday Drive for 25,000 Daffodils

“I wandered lonely as a cloud / That floats on high o’er vales and hills, / When all at once I saw a crowd, / A host, of golden daffodils.” So begins William Wordsworth’s meditation on daffodils, which my mother recited to me so often when I was young that I unintentionally memorized it.A Sunday Drive for 25,000 Daffodils | The Golden Age

Daffodils are my favorite flower because they are one of the first blooms to show their faces in early spring, adding bright pops of gold and green to landscapes that have been desaturated for far too long. Among my friends, my eternal enthusiasm for these flowers is well-known, and my girlfriends sweetly send me pictures of the daffodils they find blooming each year.

I had always known that fields of daffodils must exist, but I had never found one. About a week ago, however, while pinning on Pinterest (my favorite way to plan out my trips), I discovered Tower Hill Botanic Garden, in Boylston, MA, whose expansive 132-acre grounds include a daffodil field of over 25,000 (!) daffodils.

With all the urgency of someone finally fulfilling a childhood dream, I hit the road the very next morning to find the daffodil field. Rolan and I rented a convertible for our trip (checking off yet another bucket list item). I wrapped my hair in a scarf for the ride like an Old Hollywood heroine, and, I must say, I felt very glamorous. Rolan, as always, was my dashing leading man. He loves cars, and I could tell he was trying to keep a serious face as he lived out his personal convertible fantasy.

After about an hour’s drive through charming town after charming town (even passing a farm with my last name!), we arrived at Tower Hill, where we were greeted by an apple orchard, elegant buildings, and an expansive vista of the nearby Wachusett Reservoir.

Our first stop on our way to the daffodil field was the Limonaia, or Lemon House, an arched greenhouse that is home to a collection of colorful citrus trees in the colder months.

We visited the Winter Garden, anchored by two bronze turtle fountains, and admired the architecture of the Orangerie. This was one of my favorite parts of Tower Hill.

A Sunday Drive for 25,000 Daffodils | The Golden Age

The Orangerie’s style evokes 18th century orangeries, and its sunny seating areas, carved fountains, and wide array of fragrant flowers and semi-tropical plants make it a real treat.

A Sunday Drive for 25,000 Daffodils | The Golden Age

Having soaked up the sun inside the conservatories and let the already lovely day warm up a little more, we headed out for the daffodil field, sometimes known as the field of gold, which was just starting to bloom.

It was so special for me to see so many daffodils all at once! Now that I know that this is so close by, I’ll be sure to return in mid-to-late April, when the daffodil blooms will be at their peak. (I recommend checking Tower Hill’s social media pages for updates on the blooms’ status when planning your visit.)

A Sunday Drive for 25,000 Daffodils | The Golden Age

After walking through the daffodil field, we spent some time on the tree swing, which Rolan feared he would break but whose sturdiness I never doubted. We also took a stroll around the Wildlife Refuge Pond. Surely these spots are even more stunning and romantic when transformed by the lush greenery of summer.

We were among the last to leave, and yet I still feel the need to return to explore the many other gardens and hiking trails, to try the food at the garden’s Twigs Café (which smelled delicious and has beautiful views), and to experience all that the property has to offer in the warmer months.

Until next time, Tower Hill!


  1. 4 years ago

    I must go here this weekend! What a beautiful space AND a spot for a light lunch? Sign me up!

    • Aurelia
      4 years ago

      It made me so happy to see your comment, Sarah! I’m sure you’ll love the garden. Please share some pictures so I can vicariously enjoy the peaking daffodil field, as I need to be in New York this weekend 🙂 Also, make sure to drive down to the Wachusett Reservoir while you’re there—the water is pristine and extends as far as the eye can see!