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Tips for Better Flower Arrangements at Home

Tips for Better Flower Arrangements at Home

I recently had the pleasure of co-hosting an intimate flower arranging workshop in my home with Emily Boschetto, founder of Matilda’s Bloombox. Matilda’s Bloombox is flower subscription service based in San Francisco, known for it’s textured, seasonal selections and its step-by-step arrangement guides.

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Photography by Bessie Lacap, flowers by Matilda’s Bloombox (c/o), blouse and earrings by Tuckernuck (c/o)

As Emily guided us through our arrangements, she shared a handful of tips with us that can help you create better flower arrangements at home.

During our workshop, my girlfriends and I created autumnal arrangements in tones of burgundy and blush, using liquidambar, stock, rice flower, quicksand roses, and sage. I was delighted to observe the variations in style across arrangements—while we all started with the same components and instructions, some leaned towards sprawling, organic forms, whereas others opted for closely packed, more polished bouquets.

Start with greenery.

The greenery you select sets the tone for your arrangement and will also serve as the scaffolding for whatever else you add. As such, it’s savvy to select your greenery before anything else.

Consider fragrance.

In addition to determining how your arrangement will look, consider how it will smell as well. How do the flowers’ perfumes blend together? Is there anything you could include to make the fragrance match the mood you are trying to convey? Emily frequently includes herbs in her arrangement and used sage in this one. The warm and earthy scent was the perfect addition to an autumnal bouquet.

Don’t be afraid to make bold cuts.

One of the most common mistakes people make is being too timid about chopping stems. For a start, hold your flowers at a diagonal to your vase, with the flower heads at your desired height. Cut off the portion of stems that extend beyond the bottom of the vase. From there, feel free to cut many of your flowers further, in order to create a full arrangement with a sense of movement.

Change your water regularly.

Cut flowers secrete chemicals into their water which can harm their neighboring blooms. Especially with mixed flowers, you should change your water every 1-2 days in order to extend the life of your arrangement. As you change your water, be generous with flower food.

If you’re in the Bay Area and would like to order flowers from Matilda’s Magnolias, you can do so here. If you would like to plan a flower arranging party for your friends, you can coordinate with Emily here. Happy arranging!

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